Products Born of
Passion and Experience

Through years of experience and hours in the lab we have developed a new wire connection technology that is unlike anything else on the market. The continuous problems associated with crimping wires have been solved by our dynamic patented spiral technologies. A variety of Melni Technologies connectors are available today for a wide range of industries. From utility scale solar to basic 12 volt lighting, we offer a fast, durable, safe connector that approaches connecting wiring in a completely new way.

Our portfolio of global partner corporations finds Melni’s intellectual property and engineering team to be highly versatile regardless of size, quantity and type of connector they need to solve their challenge.

Hyperbolic Spiral: <

A crimpless compression type connection that utilizes the natural physics of twisting wires into a hyperbolic shape that creates a uniform connection across the terminated wire.

Dual Helix Spiral:

A crimpless compression type connection that takes the dynamic action of compressing a spiral by twisting the spiral around an axis, and applies that action to terminating wires.

Prototypes In Development

Battery Terminals

  • No crimping or soldering required
  • No need for specialized tools or die sets
  • Quick and easily installed

Zap Nut Connector

  • No specialty tools needed
  • Safe, secure insulated connection.
  • Eliminates common failure modes of standard
  • twist on connectors.
  • Accepts stranded and solid copper wires.

    Modular Feeder Splice

    • No crimping or soldering needed.
    • Fully insulated connection.
    • Quick efficient branching and splicing of ground or hot lines.
    • Modular assortment of connectors allows for 360 Degrees of variability in wire layout.