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Melni Technologies to Develop DOE Medium Voltage Splice

Melni Technologies will collaborate with Florida State University (FSU) to develop a novel splice for Medium Voltage (MV) cables (5-35 kV) that not only eliminates human error and withstands environmental stressors, but also performs under electrical stress in ways unforeseen by current methods of wire splicing. Our proposed innovation and novel splice design can successfully assist in building an infrastructure that can withstand the natural disasters seen regularly in the coastal states of California and Florida, safely protected underground.

Melni Technologies ARPAE Medium Voltage Direct Burial Splice

Innovations that Melni Technologies will develop are:


Dual Helix Spiral construction for MV primary and secondary connections


Integrated housing system for both PD free design and ingress protection


Housing components to be installable using basic hand tools, i.e., torque wrench to reduce assembly steps while also reducing workmanship errors.

This project estimates a reduction in workmanship failures and assembly mistakes by 90%. The estimated speed of completing the proposed 3 phase splicing method can be completed in approximately 10-15 minutes, 4 x faster than conventional splicing. The splice design with integrated insulation and sealing capabilities will reduce moisture ingress substantially due to the simple installation and sealing methods. The design will lend itself to increased automation and speed of installing new splices will reduce the cost of undergrounding. Lower failure rates and splice replacement time will reduce life cycle cost and increase the service life of the MV system.

We will add project milestones to this page as the project develops. Please check back often.

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