US Department of Energy Award

DOE GOPHURRS program awards Melni Technologies® $2mil to develop new medium voltage splice for a more reliable, resilient, and secure American power grid

Conducting Innovation

Our patented electrical connectors are revolutionizing the industry by offering a faster, safer and cost-effective way to transfer power.

Melni Technologies® has been awarded $2,000,000 by the U.S. Department of Energy, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).


We’ve started development of a medium-voltage splice that will be integral to the future reliability, resiliency, and security of America’s power grid.

Mark Melni
Founder & Inventor

Mark Melni of Melni technologies

who we are

As a small team of engineers led by Mark Melni, our unique structure allows for agile problems solving using our patented technologies. Our in-the-field experience combined with freedom to think outside the box allows us to create original human-centric solutions.

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Melni-Technologies-Electrician hands

Our Approach

Good isn’t good enough. Everything we create is designed to be the most ergonomic tool, fit for purpose. The end user’s ease of use and safety is our reason for being. Let’s design a solution for your unique challenge.

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The Hyper-splice®

The Hyper-Splice is unlike any other low voltage connector available today. It’s the perfect solution for repairing 12-16 gauge wires or building a custom wiring harness.

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